What I never thought I would do.

Here I am writing a blog.  I have held out on blogging for a long time.  I have had great advice, start a blog, it will help you when you get your book done.  Get noticed. Blah, Blah, Blah.

I am a writer.  A profession that is supposed to be lonely, solitary, misunderstood so I can write from the heart.  I didn’t want support. I just wanted to write.  Which works for awhile.  But really it sucks.

But now that I have figured out where I want to life. Alaska. And I have been working hard at finishing a novel lenth manuscript. I find I do want to connect with other people.  I might as well, put my opinions and ideas out into whatever blogland is.

Its been a busy day, I have discovered twitter (I held out on that too) and I started a blog.  Gee, who knows I might even write on my book too.


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