Electronic Job Applications

I am a gadget geek.  I love my electronic toys.  I miss my iPod shuffle, my son misplaced it.   I love my portable Stiletto 2 , Sirius Portable Radio.  I would be lost without my PSP.  My laptop is my best friend, though I haven’t named it, yet.  I am still sad I had to leave my wonderful gamer PC back in Kansas.  I had no safe way to bring it on Amtrak with me to Alaska.  I will be shipping it up here as soon as I get a job.  Or win some money at pull taps.

I feel right at home on the internet.  I am not afraid of getting my information by electronic media.  That was until today.  Today I had to fill out an online job application.  I am trying to get my old job back at Safeway in Ketchikan, AK.

Job Applications usually don’t take very long.  You have all the information you need, work history, etc. And you fill in the blanks.  Why does it take twice as long to fill out a digital application as it would a paper one?  Why did it take me over an hour to fill in the blanks?  I type at over 60 words a minute.  I am not slow.  I had all my info ready to pop in the right place. 

I filled in all the blanks, hit the save and continue button, and there was always something I know I answered that came up blank.  This happened three times in a row. And I was being careful!!!  Finally, I had all the boxes checked, and started to hit the button again. But wait!  I had timed out. WTF!!!  Timed out?

So I had go back to the beginning, log back in.  Then I had to wait until the server found my information before I could once again put in my information.  Luckily it went right the page I stopped at so I didn’t have to reenter everything.

So I finally got to the end, and typed in my digital signature.  And sent the application. I have been told it takes 3 weeks for the store here in Ketchikan to get my information.  3 weeks? What do they do? Print it and mail it?  We shall see.  I rather doubt I will be rehired.  The person who do the hiring really doesn’t like me much.  I won’t be pushed around.  But I did a good job when I as there, and many people at the store want me back.  Only time will tell. 

Until then, I am preparing my idea for NaNoWriMo, and cleaning my son’s apartment. (That way I can stay here guilt free.)  The time of waiting for a reply now begins.


One thought on “Electronic Job Applications

  1. Pam I got your blog. Nice. Job apps. are never fun to fill out and always take forever. Hopefully a job will come your way soon. How is your book coming.

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