October and Change

I love the month of October.  I have always said, if I ever get married again, I wanted an October wedding.  Changes come easier for me in the fall.  This time last year I had moved from Alaska back to Salina, Kansas.  It seemed like the natural thing to do. 

What I didn’t expect was to miss Alaska as much as I did.  I really figured since my son was  grown man, I could move thousands of miles away from him, and not fell homesick.  Why did I think that?  I’m not sure.  After my second son moved back to Alaska.  There was nothing really holding me in Kansas. Just maybe the hope I could watch my sister’s back in the ongoing stalking by that crazy person who once was her husband. 

So this year, once again, I make a big change and it happens in October.  I returned to Alaska.  Just in time for rain, and rain, and gray skies.  Just in time for the days to get very, very short, and the nights to be very, very dark.  Still, I am glad to be back.  It seems like the natural thing to do.   I’m not to worried about finding a job, that will happen.  In the mean time I can use my time working on my writing. At least I have been telling myself  that.  Video games are such a great distraction. 

Winter is coming, the days will be very short here in Alaska. Six hours of daylight at their shortest, in just a couple of months.  Time changes again next weekend. NaNoWriMo starts a week from today. And then the holidays are coming. But right now, I am back where I belong, and my favorite month of the year is about over.  I wonder what changes October will bring for me next year?


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