Writing and Winning, November is Over.

November is over. The tunnel vision I developed when writing, writing , writing my hours away has lifted.  Man, I really miss it.  I have found that I love writing everyday. I love the act of just creating something. I did neglect my newly formed blog during November. But not December. I just joined the National Blog Posting Month site. It is a site that encourages a writer to blog everyday, even weekends.  AH, I now found a new deadline.

My story isn’t finished and I am going to do that also. I need to find a job too. My son is stressing about money. He only stresses when it is his money.  Will I find a topic to post on everyday?  I am sure I can.  It gives me something to be excited about.  So here goes.  I will visit everyday. And I hope someone finds it entertaining or amusing. Or even annoying. I don’t care. 

I would also like to wish my great-niece Ryanna, a happy 4th birthday. I wish I was there for your party.  Eat a bite of cake for me. Give you grandma an extra hug.


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