A Small Step

Something great happened yesterday afternoon.  I found a job.  After being unemployed for two months, I got someone to hire me.  Granted it’s not a high paying job, or even a full-time job. But it will be a paycheck. Meaning I won’t have to file for unemployment.  It means my family will have food later this month.  Relief is the word. Hugh Relief.

What is remarkable about this whole thing is I am not that upset about part-time vs. full-time. A few years ago I would have been stressed because my checks would be small. I have changed in the last year. I discovered recently that I am not the things I own.  In fact, when I moved to Kansas from Alaska last year, I only moved 12 boxes of things with me.  Only 10 of those boxes ended up in Kansas. The other two never left Alaska.

This year when I decided to move back to Alaska, I packed my things into boxes again.  After a year I had a few more items.  But everything filled about 25 boxes.  Those boxes are still in Kansas, since I don’t have a job, and can’t get them up here.  My big purchase last year was my desktop computer.  It is still in Kansas, waiting to be shipped to me. Now I have a job, and soon I can start slowing sending for my things.  Who knows it might take a year to get my boxes up here.

What I have found is I don’t miss most of the things in the boxes. In fact, I’m not even sure what is in those boxes at this moment.  I have wanted to use something or read a book, that I know is packed away. It is really cool though to know things are not that important.  I need a clean, warm, place to live, and food, and my family.  Later when I get more money I can start caring about stuff again. Or maybe this will be a lesson that will stay with me.

This morning I am just happy to know I will be eating later this month. I might even be able to have Christmas. At least I will be able to have a tree and decorate.  At the very least I don’ t feel like such a loser, and in my off time I can write on my book with an easy spirit.


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