The Sweet Smell of the Christmas Tree

Last night my son and I went to the Boy Scout Christmas Tree stand and got our tree.  It is a beautiful Douglas fir. About six feet tall.  During the night it opened up wonderfully.  Now it stands naked, ready for all our ornaments. Ones that I have been gathering up for the last fourteen or fifteen years.  Why such a short time?

I didn’t start celebrating Christmas with a tree until 1995.  My boys were 11 and 3. What happened? I got married, and turned my back on my mother’s controlling religion.  That first couple years I made a bunch of needlework ornaments. I don’t have those anymore. They were stored in the garage, and a good old-fashioned Kansas windstorm came and blew the roof off the garage.  All my work was ruined in the muddy, soggy aftermath.

So I made more, I crocheted them, and beaded them. I also bought ornaments.  Then last year, I left Alaska and went back to Kansas, leaving my son with all my ornaments.  This year I am back in Alaska, my little family is all together. And I am now going to hang my old ornaments.  They brought back all sorts of good memories. 

I don’t feel the least bit guilty anymore celebrating Christmas, or Thanksgiving. I am even going to celebrate my son’s 18th birthday on Sunday.  I every much enjoy and treasure the family times I have with my children.  I never had those things when I was a child.  It was hard going to school after the holidays and nothing had happened while I was away.  The children at school came back excited and happy, I just came back. I was glad to be a school, it wasn’t as boring as being at home.  But school itself was not fun as my mother’s religion was odd and made me look like a freak for all the rules I had to follow.

I think about those kind of things while I use my hard-won freedom to set up my tree.  I even have a little bitty electric tree I am going to sit up in the other room. Just because I can.  I do love lights too. Maybe I will go buy some more.  Who knows, I am totally in the Christmas decorating spirit today.

Merry Christmas and happy decorating to all of you.


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