First Day of Work

After being unemployed for two months I started my new job today.  That in its self is a big deal.  My feet are killing me, and I am so out of shape. I am not used to standing for 5 hours. My last job was a sit down job.  But all in all it was fine. I am going to have a paycheck before Christmas.  Soon I won’t have to worry about food.

I even spent the last 45 minutes making french fries.  At McDonald’s  that is an important thing. I sure hope no one was disappointed in my fry cooking.  I had to work hard to keep up.  But I did okay.

Another great thing that happened today. My son wants to go to Job Corp.  I hope we can get him in.  He needs to do something with his life.

Tomorrow I go back to work for four hours.  I’m only working part-time, but as tired as I am today. Maybe that is a good thing. All in all it was a great day. I can’t wait for more.


One thought on “First Day of Work

  1. Good luck on with your new job. Almost all of mine have required 8 hours on my feet. Don’t get discouraged it will soon be second nature. Congrats.

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