Missed a Few Days

I started out this month, planning on posting a blog a day.  Then I lost my internet connection for a week. That happens sometimes here in Alaska. Mainly the internet connection dropped and I was not able to get it back on.  The wonderful lady that owns my apartment has wi-fi, and I use her connection.  She was out-of-town, working last week. And her husband just doesn’t understand resetting the internet. Sometimes he can get it to come back on, sometimes he can’t. 

This is her week at home, so I am now connected to the world again.  So I won’t be posting 31 blogs this month. But I will post as many as I can.  Tonight I should be writing on my novel, but I have missed the internet so much I am just surfing and reading twitter.  I am going to do some research I need for my book, but I am also going to visit pogo.com.

Hopefully next month I will have a better, more reliable internet connection, and I try again to post a blog a day for a month.


One thought on “Missed a Few Days

  1. I’m seeing more and more posts like this. I must admit I to am guilty of not posting every day this month. However congrats on making it this far!

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