Happy New Year!

Here it is January 1 again.  2010 sounds kind of strange to my ears.  But then 2000 sounded strange ten years ago.  I was thinking about that last night as I waited at the bar for midnight.  My life has really changed in ten years.

January 2000 found my recently separated from my husband of almost 5 years.  I had thrown him out  the first week in December 1999.  I was very much interested in a man who went to the same church as I and at the time he seem interested in me.  I was in fact very, very happy and excited about where my life was going.

January 2001 found me single, divorced, and heart-broken.  The man I liked so much ended up getting married to a woman who started coming to our church in 2000.  They had a history, and she lied to the whole church, saying she was dying from some liver problem.  Funny she got better as soon as she got married. (She is still alive and well to this day, and her liver illness was cured, a miracle.)  But I had also bought a brand new mobile home.

January 2002 I had a job a didn’t really like, but would soon get a job I wanted.  Nothing much had happened in my life by then, but we were pretty happy. My youngest son was having problems in school and I would soon learn he had bi-polar disorder as well as adhd.  And found that medicine was our families best friend.

January 2003 I had a house fire in 2002 and lost my home. But we were all fine, and were learning to live with it.  That January I decided I didn’t want to buy a house and back out of a sale, and moved into an apartment.  I left the job I had so wanted the year before. And spend a wonderful year on unemployment with my youngest son, who really needed my attention.

January 2004, I was in need of a job and a change, and was about to make one, moving in March from Kansas to Alaska. That was probably the best summer in my life.  I loved my job, I lost a bunch of weight, and I lived in a wonderful little town wedged between the mountains and the ocean.

January 2005, we got a better apartment, my oldest son got a good job with the state of Alaska, I started working for Safeway.  Just normal stuff

January 2006 was just the same of same old, and I enjoyed it.  Things were good.

January 2007 started the same old way.  But in the middle of 2007 my brother cames to stay for the summer, I left Safeway and started working for the Alaska Marine Highway, and became homeless.  We all moved onto my son’s 27 foot sailboat for the summer.  It was an experience. I later went back to my old job at Safeway, working and living on a ship was not my thing.

January 2008 I had an apartment, couldn’t stand the boat in the winter, and later in August I decided I wanted to move back to Kansas.  So I did. In Oct 2008 I moved in with my sister.  Got my old job back that I had in 2002, and tried to tell myself I liked it.

January 2009, I stayed at home with my sister on New Years Eve, and entertained her three little grand-daughters. That was fun.  But my September 2009 I knew I wanted to go back to Alaska.  My youngest son had moved back, and my oldest hadn’t left.  So in October I moved back (not sure what all this moving in October means.)

Now its 2010, I got my old job back at McDonald’s.  And I am glad I am here.  It won’t be long before everything comes together again.  I am doing more writing than I was before. And life though not terribly exciting, is really pretty good.


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