Brighter Side of Winter

Here in Alaska this time of year is dark and dreary.  The nights are longer than the days.  The radio announces every morning how many hours of sunlight we are going to get.  This time a year it is about 6 or so.  Better than farther north where they get less than that. 

The cool thing about dark sticking around so long, is you can really tell when the days start getting longer.  The radio also announces how many more minutes of daylight we will have each day. It averages about 3 to 5 minutes more a day.  In a couple of weeks it will be light until 4 pm, instead of 3:30 pm.  By the end of March the first of April the sun will start coming up earlier and earlier, until it is full on day light at 4 am.

Today is clouding and there is only a few more hours of sunlight, but I know soon, there will be 17 hours of daylight. Can’t wait.


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