Best of what?

The theme for NaPloBoMo is Best.  So I have been brainstorming what that could mean. I’m not sure here is a list of a few ideas that I came up with

The Best day of the past year.

The Best book I have read, or would like to read. That blog would probably be way too long, as I love to read, and rarely met a book I wouldn’t start to read.

The Best actitives to avoid during family gathers. Or the best to do during the same.

The Best ways to get over a cold. I have been thinking alot about that one today as I have an ear ache and have been sneezing and coughing my head off.  I am in bed writing this blog, after having called in sick to work. I didn’t want to cough on anyone’s french fries.

The Best ways to travel across country. I like this one as I am in Alaska and all my relatives are in the lower 48 mostly in Kansas.  This summer I found out the most relaxing way to travel is Amtrak.  I rode the train from Kansas City  MO, to Bellingham, WA.  It was great. If I have the time that is way I will always go.  But of course flying is faster.

The best GED programs for high school dropouts. This one I would like to explore as my 18 year old son wants to get his GED.

The best work at home jobs. This I would also like to explore as I would love to work out of my house.

Or I could just write about the Best of this or that.  The Best of 2009, or 1980 (when I graduated high school), or what ever I think of.

I am feeling bad enough right now I think the best thing in the world is my fleece heated blanket. I have been cold all day.  So I am now going to watch an old tv show and snuggle under my blanket.  That would be another idea, what were the best tv shows of the past?

Hopefully tomorrow my brain will be working better and I will think of something interesting to blog about.


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