A Blog a Day.

Daily blogging is harder than I thought.  Here it is the 6th of January, and I have already missed two days.  But then I have also missed almost 3 days of work, as I have been sick.  I am writing this in a wonderful cold medicine haze.  I feel so out of it I can’t even watch my normal MSNBC programs, news just doesn’t interest me today.  Sorry Keith.

But being sick has given me time to check out a few things on the web. I found Wriye.  A forum to help me write all year,with the same intensity I had in November.  I really miss NoNaWriMo. So I joined up.  I am still shooting for 1000 words a day too. But haven’t made it yet.  Normally that is pretty easy, but my standing only job and this stupid sinus infection have kicked my tail.

Well, I have at least for the day written something in my blog.  Maybe I need to start planning each day’s blog in advance.  Maybe  a week at a time.  Who knows it might even get interesting.


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