Blogs and History

Last night I was reading the The Civil War the book that went with the Ken Burns movie.  And in it they quote several diaries and letters. Things we don’t seem to have so much of anymore.  It got me to wondering.  Someday in the future will historians go through old blog post of ordinary people to see how they felt about life?  Are blogs the replacement for diaries? 

Maybe in a way, but I would not be as intimate in a blog as you could be in a diary where no one else sees it. After all a blog writer wants to be read. She wants people to notice her words. But a blog could also be used to express opinions about what’s going on in the world.  I know I have thought about doing that a couple times.  Future blog posts may be about how I feel about health care (I  am uninsured, and hate it.)

There is such a huge paper record for some times in the past.  A record that maybe we don’t have in this day and age. When you write a letter, someone might keep it forever. I have an old letter my grandmother wrote me, and I sometimes bring it out and read it. It’s like having her around again. I don’t keep every personal email I have ever gotten. I hardly read all my email the way it is. 

I wonder how historians in the future will figure out how ordinary people lived?


One thought on “Blogs and History

  1. Saw your comment on my WriYe so I checked out yours and thought and flip over to your blog. Being a historian, yes, we are worried that soon there will be nothing to refer back too. I’m a historian. At our office we have letters, diaries, scrapbooks all kinds of things. You make some good points here. The one thing that is better is news papers being on line, and historical newspapers being digitized and on the internet.

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