Script Frenzy Update

Here it is April 4th.  I am only 3 pages from where I should be.  I wasn’t sure at first if this idea I have would work out. But I did write a small sort of outline.  That means I started one, know the beginning, know the ending. I’m winging the middle.  So the script will suck. The important thing is it will get written. I have no plans farther than that.

Here is what my script is about.

Monica Collins is getting married. She desperately wants her mother to come to the wedding. Her mother is a member of the Universal Brotherhood of  the Living God. The Brotherhood kicked Monica out years ago. Her mother is forbidden to even mention her name. How can Monica get her to the wedding?  For that matter why would Monica want too? 

This is a story I have always wanted to tell, for personal reasons.  But I just can’t seem to get a novel started.  So I decided to try it as a script.  I am having a blast doing it, and that is all that really matters.   I will keep everyone posted.


One thought on “Script Frenzy Update

  1. The important things are that you are having fun and you have committed to putting words done. It won’t “suck” if you write it and then spend LOTS of time rethinking, editing, sharing with others, and revising. If you aren’t under any deadline you have the luxury to produce something you are happy with before you chose to put it “out” there.

    Congratulations on getting started!

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