Crazy thoughts in the cold weather.

The snow is coming. And all my joints are hurting. And Kansas is headed for the deep freeze. I am not looking forward to that. I don’t have a heavy winter coat.  The great coat search will have to begin.  The only good thing is I don’t own a car, so I won’t have to drive in the snow.

I’m not sure what to write about today. I am very sad by the shooting in Arizona. My heart goes out to those people. My biggest fear as a parent has happened to someone else. I have always been afraid something would happen to my sons.  The fear isn’t so bad now that they are grown. But it is still there.  One of my sons are going snowboarding for the first time. That makes me nervous. My other son has been out on a fishing boat for the last few days in the cold North Pacific Ocean of Southeast Alaska. I haven’t heard from him, and its hard not to imagine something bad happening.

But I know I am being silly. I know both of them are fine and will be fine. I think I will need to call them later, just because life is so short. And a mom just needs to know that they are  safe.

Now I’m going to stay warm, and wish for a warming trend.


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