My thoughts on Palin and hate speech

Palin: Critics create ‘blood libel’ after Tucson shooting – Politics – More politics –

Sarah Palin was not directly responsible for the shooting in Tucson. But she did help grow the feeling of anger and hatred with the thing she says and does.  She has totally over-reacted here. Turning this into a persecution of her.  Why can’t she just admit her reload statements and her crosshairs on the map were not good choices.  Why can’t she just say she was wrong.

But she can’t, she wants to be a victim herself.  I can’t believe she really might be considering a run for president. I was a resident of Alaska when she was governor, I didn’t vote for her.  She was not much of an administer, and the best thing she did for Alaska was resign.

Just seeing her in the news makes me angry.


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