Today I spent a few hours, a few long hours writing a new resume.  I really hate doing that. I have so many skills that I haven’t used in the jobs I have had recently.  I have experiences that happened a long time ago.   Deciding what to put in a resume and what to leave it is mind numbing.

So I decided to download templates and let them guide me to what I should include.  Its to bad I don’t have the great experiences or job reviews of the templates.  That would be so cool.  I have had great job reviews. But I never had a copy so that I could quote them in resumes. Does that really work anyway?

This job hunting thing is a bummer.  I have only been looking for work for a couple of weeks. And it is getting me down.  I can’t imagine how people who have been looking for a long time must feel.  I left my job voluntarily so I could move to Kansas, so I can’t get unemployment right now. And I don’t really want too.  My son is good enough to send me money to survive on.

I am all ready to print the resumes I have created, and now the printer is not working.  I am not surprised at all.   Tomorrow I am going to keep my sister’s car and go fill out applications and see what comes next.


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