Ah, I missed a few days.

I did post twice on one day, but I just haven’t had the heart to blog.  Nothing is going on for my job hunt.  I have today applied to a former employer. They hired me back two years ago. I worked for almost a year and moved back to Alaska. Will they hire me for a third time? I don’t know.They were trying to recruit me for the work at home program when I was in Alaska. So maybe they will call me. That would be so awesome. Because I already know I can take the bus there.   If I don’t hear from them I am going to do fast food.  The Subway down the street is hiring.  I just need anything at this point.

Today I am a little down in the dumps. Don’t feel like I fit in anywhere. Hopefully getting a job will get rid of that feeling.

On a good note I have written over 3,000 words in the last few days.  So my novel is starting to move again. That makes me very,very happy.

This isn’t much of a blog. It is about all I can get out today. Isn’t it what Sundays are for, not doing much?  I am seriously considering going back to bed.


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