A Sad Politics Junkie

I love to watch politics on TV.  My family thinks I’m crazy.  This last week was a sad one for me and many others.   Keith Olbermann wasn’t on my TV.  He is really the only reason I watched MSNBC. And now I turn on the tube but don’t really listen.

That brings me to the next thing I am starting to love. That is Twitter.  You see I can still hear from Keith on Twitter.  And it seems he is rather enjoying the social network himself. But it isn’t the same.

Tonight is Friday and I won’t hear a Thurber story. Guess now I have to go buy a book and read it myself.  The whole thing sucks. I am going to get off here and go see what’s happening on #FOK.

At least there are so many Friends of Keith that I don’t have to feel alone. Voiceless and a little angry, but not alone. Just for the record I still watch Rachel. Couldn’t live without her. Still watch O’Donnell. But I go to bed early now, Ed just doesn’t get my attention.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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