Feb. 1st

Here it is the first day of February.  Where did the month of January go?  I have now been back in Kansas for a month.  I have been looking for work for about a month too.  Very depressing.  And to top it all off the weather is nuts. The wind is blowing, the snow is falling.  The cold is getting colder.

This is the shortest month of the year. That’s good, and usually the coldest.  I am sure the groundhog will not want to come out to play with the sun tomorrow.  I would like to curl back up in my bed and not come out again until baby leaves start peeking on the ends of tree limbs.

Today starts my attempt to post in this blog every day for a month. I have no idea if I can come up with an idea to write about everyday for 28 days.   But I am going to try.  Who knows maybe by the end of this month I will figure out what it is I want to do with this blog anyway.  Maybe I will find a platform, or maybe I will just get in the habit of writing everyday. That in itself would be a good thing to learn to do.  My novel can attest to that, I haven’t worked on it for a few days.

Stay warm, I know I am.


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