Do I feel Creative today?

So I have been attempting to post daily to my blog.  I have missed a couple of days.  Life does sometimes get in the way.  I can’t be expected to blog after spending the afternoon babysitting a three-year old. I am really out of practice with little kids. It’s easy to forget how much energy they have. Now I know why I never had any trouble falling asleep when my kids were young.

The weather is still cold outside. I am still battling a cough and stuffy head. My writing is still waiting to get done. So the big question is, do I even feel like doing anything creative today?  I have more than one project I could be working on.

Two weeks ago I started an afghan, because I had all this thread of a strange blue-green color to and could think of nothing else it would be good for.  My knitting loom has a pink fun fur scarf started because I made one for the above three-year old niece. And she has a sister and a cousin. So I have to make two more.   I could be working on either of those things.  Getting the scarves done is something I need to focus on. I don’t want to be accused of showing favorites.

There is my novel which I have stalled on.  The story isn’t going exactly like I want, and now I need to decide if I will start totally over, or just keep going and fix it later.  I am leaning toward progressing on.  There is another idea that has been brewing for a few years in the back of my mind.  This story could be told better as a screenplay and not a novel. I have also discovered that I really enjoy writing scripts.  I am sure they are worthless, but great fun. It is just very hard to give up on writing novels. Knowing I will never make any money doing either really isn’t the point. These are just stories I always wanted to tell.  So this idea is knocking around in my head, wanting to get out.  And script frenzy is coming up in two months. I may start at least outlining. Who knows it may turn out to be something I can keep working on.

Do I really feel well enough to do anything today?   I just wrote this blog, so I must feel a little creative.  As long as I don’t have to move much, I think I will be fine.  If I don’t move, I don’t cough.  I probably will do a little loom knitting, or maybe some writing. I doubt if I watch any tv.  Don’t really care all that much about Egypt. There seems to be nothing else on the news.  Once my iPod recharges I may be good to go.

So do I feel creative today? Not really, but that has never stopped me before.


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