I am now employed again. After moving back  to Kansas almost 2 months ago. I now have a job again.  I was starting to worry. I find out all the important info tomorrow, like pay and stuff.  Tonight I am just glad to know I will be making some kind of money again.  Job hunting is really, really rough of the old self-esteem.  Soon I may even get a place of my own. No more living with my sister.  I feel like I have once again joined the real world.

While I wasn’t working I thought I would have plenty of time to work on my novel. But that didn’t happen. I just didn’t want to do anything, but worry, and sleep.  Not having a job was just depressing. I got very little writing done. Listening to my iPod or watching politics on tv were my favorite pastime.  But tonight I am ready to write again, in fact I want too. So I probably will.  I even played a video game tonight, I hadn’t even had the energy to play games.  Just knowing I am about to go back to work had really picked me up.

My unpaid vacation is over, and boy am I ready.


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