My Favorite Time Waster.

What do I do to waste time?  It used to be watch TV.  Then TV became boring when compared to the computer.  Video games have been a major time waster in my home since my dad gave my son a Nintendo for Christmas way back in 1991. Then it was Mario and the Legend of Zelda. After that came the Sega Genesis.  Man, I miss that gaming platform.  We even had the Sega Channel on our cable. Every week we got a new list of games to play. Some of the greatest games were made for the Genesis. Landstalker, Earthworm Jim, Sonic, Zombies Ate My Neighbors.  After that we wasted way too much time on the Playstation.  Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Tactics, Parasite Eve, Dino Crisis, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill.

Somewhere during this time we got a home computer.  And with the PC man did we have games.  Diablo II which I still play to this day. The Sims (1,2, and 3)., Command and Conquer, 1701 AD, and too many others I can’t think about.

Now I waste my time with casual games from the internet.  I love, and play Club Pogo games all the time. Can’t believe I really pay a yearly fee to be in the club.  I have even paid for more months and for more than one account of World of Warcraft. But I have never played the game itself.  I won’t because that game has caused so many family fights. “It’s my turn on the computer”, “don’t play my character”.” I can’t come to dinner I in an instance.” I can’t take a bath, take out the trash, or go to bed in an instance.” Please! But I still pay for accounts, and I still wish the kids would get sick of that game. Of course that will never happen, whenever people start getting board Blizzard just makes another expansion.

I also love Gamehouse Games. I’m a big fool over Diner Dash (once downloaded it to my phone. Then the phone got wet. So sad.) Cake Mania, Jewel Quest, Wedding Dash, Farm Frenzy in its many, many forms. If it is a time management game, I’m there.

So now I am about to embark on a new writing project, but I just can’t seem to quit the game habit long enough to write. I guess that’s why I have an Alpha Smart Neo. No computer, no games, and I get writing done.  I really just need more self-control I think.


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