First Week Down

Today marks the end of the first week of therapy. It started out okay. Didn’t feel great, but could still keep going. Until yesterday.

I have to stand on my feet all day on my job. After three eight hour days, I couldn’t do a fourth. And today I just stayed home.

One of the reasons I moved into my mom’s house was the fear of being too sick to work. It is not a decision I am going to make today.

Today I am just going to enjoy an evening of politics (gotta love super Tuesday), and take it easy.


One thought on “First Week Down

  1. Good for you making thru this first week. It can be tough. I understand that the meds effect everyone differently. I was able to work an 8 hour day, but when I got home I at times feel apart. Staying with your Mom is a good decision if there’s no one around your home that can help. Tough decision, but a good one. Take care and good luck in the coming week.


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