Recently, say a week ago, I returned to Alaska after living in Kansas for a year.   I grew up in Kansas, I have nothing against it really.  It just isn’t Alaska.  Now I am back where I belong.  I am determined to finish a book this year. I have always loved to write, and now I have the freedom to do it. (That just means my kids are grown men now.)


One thought on “About

  1. Hi,

    I am doing a bit of research on Alsaka for the novel I am writing and came across your blog.

    I was last in Alaska 18 years ago, when I spent a month hitchhiking around, backcountry camping in Denali park. My girlfriend and I hitched the entire lenght of the Alcan highway (she was from Vancouver).

    Prior to flying into Anchorage I had spend a year teaching English in Tokyo and had a yearning for wide open spaces with few people.

    I particularly fell in love with Haines and hope to get back there some time (currently live in Toronto, Canada).

    Good luck with the book!


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