Got an Email from my Congressman

Not that long ago President Obama gave a speech and told us to contact our Representative and tell them what we thought about the deficit fight.  And I did. And that put me on his email list.  To my surprise just a few days ago I got another email, asking my opinion on jobs and how to make more of them.

I am from the Kansas First District. My representative is Congressman Tim Huelskamp.  He is Tea Party through and through. And the one time I saw him on the Rev. Al Sharpton’s show I was embarrassed. The survey he sent did impress me.

It asked three questions. It asks how I thought the budge should be balanced and gave a list of options to choose from.  They included a balanced budge amendment, cutting entitlements , cuts in defense and non-defense spending and raising taxes for everyone or just for the rich.  It was a good list.  The choices covered most the options that we hear about.

Then it asked a question that surprised me. If I thought another round of stimulus would hurt or help the economy. I was surprised that someone like Congressman Huelskamp would even think to ask that question.

Then the last question asked if I wanted to President in his upcoming speech to ask for more federal stimulus to fund job creation. A simple yes or no answer.   That surprised me too. It makes me wonder if he is actually considering for more stimulus, or is the Congressman just making as show of listening to his constituents.

I filled out the survey and sent it in.  I am considering forwarding it to my relatives, and having them fill it out too.  I don’t know if he will really take into consideration any feedback that does not agree with his ideals. I am just happy that he asked.  Makes me feel that maybe my opinion is a little important.