Tomorrow is Day One.

I have neglected my blog for a few months.  I’ve been in shock since late September when I found out I had Hepatitis C. Don’t know how I got it, and it really doesn’t matter at this point.  Then I found out how much treatment is going to cost. Even with insurance my part would have been $7,000 a month.  Yes, there are three zeros behind that seven.

Since I have a crap job, with no money. I don’t have to pay for the medicine after all.  But I will end up paying for the twice a month blood tests, after my insurance maxes out.

Tomorrow is the day I am going to start treatment.  From all I have read and from what my doctor says it will be awful. You know it is bad when the doctor says “its rough, are you ready for this?” Well,do I have a choice?

I plan on blogging about this and other things as I feel able. It will give me something to focus on besides wanting to throw up.  I made no promises but I hope to write at least once a week.