First Week Down

Today marks the end of the first week of therapy. It started out okay. Didn’t feel great, but could still keep going. Until yesterday.

I have to stand on my feet all day on my job. After three eight hour days, I couldn’t do a fourth. And today I just stayed home.

One of the reasons I moved into my mom’s house was the fear of being too sick to work. It is not a decision I am going to make today.

Today I am just going to enjoy an evening of politics (gotta love super Tuesday), and take it easy.


Got an Email from my Congressman

Not that long ago President Obama gave a speech and told us to contact our Representative and tell them what we thought about the deficit fight.  And I did. And that put me on his email list.  To my surprise just a few days ago I got another email, asking my opinion on jobs and how to make more of them.

I am from the Kansas First District. My representative is Congressman Tim Huelskamp.  He is Tea Party through and through. And the one time I saw him on the Rev. Al Sharpton’s show I was embarrassed. The survey he sent did impress me.

It asked three questions. It asks how I thought the budge should be balanced and gave a list of options to choose from.  They included a balanced budge amendment, cutting entitlements , cuts in defense and non-defense spending and raising taxes for everyone or just for the rich.  It was a good list.  The choices covered most the options that we hear about.

Then it asked a question that surprised me. If I thought another round of stimulus would hurt or help the economy. I was surprised that someone like Congressman Huelskamp would even think to ask that question.

Then the last question asked if I wanted to President in his upcoming speech to ask for more federal stimulus to fund job creation. A simple yes or no answer.   That surprised me too. It makes me wonder if he is actually considering for more stimulus, or is the Congressman just making as show of listening to his constituents.

I filled out the survey and sent it in.  I am considering forwarding it to my relatives, and having them fill it out too.  I don’t know if he will really take into consideration any feedback that does not agree with his ideals. I am just happy that he asked.  Makes me feel that maybe my opinion is a little important.


Today I spent a few hours, a few long hours writing a new resume.  I really hate doing that. I have so many skills that I haven’t used in the jobs I have had recently.  I have experiences that happened a long time ago.   Deciding what to put in a resume and what to leave it is mind numbing.

So I decided to download templates and let them guide me to what I should include.  Its to bad I don’t have the great experiences or job reviews of the templates.  That would be so cool.  I have had great job reviews. But I never had a copy so that I could quote them in resumes. Does that really work anyway?

This job hunting thing is a bummer.  I have only been looking for work for a couple of weeks. And it is getting me down.  I can’t imagine how people who have been looking for a long time must feel.  I left my job voluntarily so I could move to Kansas, so I can’t get unemployment right now. And I don’t really want too.  My son is good enough to send me money to survive on.

I am all ready to print the resumes I have created, and now the printer is not working.  I am not surprised at all.   Tomorrow I am going to keep my sister’s car and go fill out applications and see what comes next.

A Small Step

Something great happened yesterday afternoon.  I found a job.  After being unemployed for two months, I got someone to hire me.  Granted it’s not a high paying job, or even a full-time job. But it will be a paycheck. Meaning I won’t have to file for unemployment.  It means my family will have food later this month.  Relief is the word. Hugh Relief.

What is remarkable about this whole thing is I am not that upset about part-time vs. full-time. A few years ago I would have been stressed because my checks would be small. I have changed in the last year. I discovered recently that I am not the things I own.  In fact, when I moved to Kansas from Alaska last year, I only moved 12 boxes of things with me.  Only 10 of those boxes ended up in Kansas. The other two never left Alaska.

This year when I decided to move back to Alaska, I packed my things into boxes again.  After a year I had a few more items.  But everything filled about 25 boxes.  Those boxes are still in Kansas, since I don’t have a job, and can’t get them up here.  My big purchase last year was my desktop computer.  It is still in Kansas, waiting to be shipped to me. Now I have a job, and soon I can start slowing sending for my things.  Who knows it might take a year to get my boxes up here.

What I have found is I don’t miss most of the things in the boxes. In fact, I’m not even sure what is in those boxes at this moment.  I have wanted to use something or read a book, that I know is packed away. It is really cool though to know things are not that important.  I need a clean, warm, place to live, and food, and my family.  Later when I get more money I can start caring about stuff again. Or maybe this will be a lesson that will stay with me.

This morning I am just happy to know I will be eating later this month. I might even be able to have Christmas. At least I will be able to have a tree and decorate.  At the very least I don’ t feel like such a loser, and in my off time I can write on my book with an easy spirit.

Electronic Job Applications

I am a gadget geek.  I love my electronic toys.  I miss my iPod shuffle, my son misplaced it.   I love my portable Stiletto 2 , Sirius Portable Radio.  I would be lost without my PSP.  My laptop is my best friend, though I haven’t named it, yet.  I am still sad I had to leave my wonderful gamer PC back in Kansas.  I had no safe way to bring it on Amtrak with me to Alaska.  I will be shipping it up here as soon as I get a job.  Or win some money at pull taps.

I feel right at home on the internet.  I am not afraid of getting my information by electronic media.  That was until today.  Today I had to fill out an online job application.  I am trying to get my old job back at Safeway in Ketchikan, AK.

Job Applications usually don’t take very long.  You have all the information you need, work history, etc. And you fill in the blanks.  Why does it take twice as long to fill out a digital application as it would a paper one?  Why did it take me over an hour to fill in the blanks?  I type at over 60 words a minute.  I am not slow.  I had all my info ready to pop in the right place. 

I filled in all the blanks, hit the save and continue button, and there was always something I know I answered that came up blank.  This happened three times in a row. And I was being careful!!!  Finally, I had all the boxes checked, and started to hit the button again. But wait!  I had timed out. WTF!!!  Timed out?

So I had go back to the beginning, log back in.  Then I had to wait until the server found my information before I could once again put in my information.  Luckily it went right the page I stopped at so I didn’t have to reenter everything.

So I finally got to the end, and typed in my digital signature.  And sent the application. I have been told it takes 3 weeks for the store here in Ketchikan to get my information.  3 weeks? What do they do? Print it and mail it?  We shall see.  I rather doubt I will be rehired.  The person who do the hiring really doesn’t like me much.  I won’t be pushed around.  But I did a good job when I as there, and many people at the store want me back.  Only time will tell. 

Until then, I am preparing my idea for NaNoWriMo, and cleaning my son’s apartment. (That way I can stay here guilt free.)  The time of waiting for a reply now begins.